An Invitation to CTFLC 19 Anniversary Celebration - Livestream 2020

An Invitation: CTFLC 19 Anniversary Celebration Voice of the FIL-AM Youth Presents: A Tribute to CTFLC 19 Years of Molding and Empowering the Filipino and American Youth.  Check us out in a Livestream through VOTFAY's (Voices of the FIL-AM Youth) Facebook and Youtube.   Link:


Fontimayor Assumes CTFLC Presidency 2018-2020

Last December 9, 2018, a new set of CTFLC P were elected and they were immediately sworn into office by Dr. Matriano.   CTFLC Officers 2019-2021 President: Mrs. Maria R.  Fontimayor President-Elect: Mrs. Rizalyn M.  Cruz Secretary: Ms. Analyn R.  Thomson Treasurer: Mrs. Grace F. Almazar PRO: Mrs. Farah Divah E. Mendoza Board Members: Dr. Atilio V. Alicio  Mrs. Dolores O. Balane Ms. Carole I. Caparros Mr. Salvador S. Idos Dr. Ofelia C. Rayos Immediate Past President:


CTFLC Attended CLTA Annual Conference

CTFLC Attended CLTA Annual Conference March 2019/ Maria Fontimayor


Ablana Assumed CTFLC Presidency 2016-2018

Last December 10, 2016, Mrs. Myrna P. Ablana, Challenger MIddle School Teacher of the Year 2012,  assumed CTFLC presidency for 2017-2019   After the election, the newly-elected officers were immediately sworn into office by Dr. Estela C. Matriano.   2016-2018 CTFLC Officers: President: Mrs. Myrna Ablana - Challenger Middle School President-Elect: Mrs. Maria R. Fontimayor - NSWF Language Program Secretary: Mrs. Salvacion O. De Vera - Montgomery High School Treasurer: Ms. Carole I. Caparros - Alliant International University PRO: Mr. Rey V. Idos - Eastlake Middle & High School   Board of Directors: Dr. Atilio V. Alicio - UCSD & SDSU


Launching of the Filipino School

On Saturday April 26, 2015, The Filipino School had its grand opening at 1:00-3:00 PM and Open House from 4:00-6:00 PM. It opened its portal to the community inviting everybody who is interested in learning more about the Filipino history, culture and language. This Filipino School “takes students on a journey-starting from their current level of knowledge, and building upon that base level of understanding and self-awareness of being a Filipino.” Its main purpose is for the participant to understand his/her own roots in order to find self-identity. They will understand history, embody Filipino values, and communicate in Filipino. Eventually, each one will find self in this journey.


Jacquilin Magat-Lapid Assumes Presidency Year 2015-2017

The sweet fresh smell of December air after the rain signals that Christmas is here again. Most of us welcome this moment with a smile because it is the time of the year that is filled with tradition. For now, CTFLC is a tradition that brings happiness and cheers to every membership and their beloved families, though we missed others.  We look at this celebration with anticipation mainly because we hold our last meeting of the year, ratify the organization’s Constitution and By-Laws, elect a new set of officers, enjoy sumptuous dishes, sing carols, play games, and exchange gifts “with a twist.”   



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