CTFLC Attends Southern Area International Languages Network (SAILN) Community of Practice Workshop (CoP)

June 18, 2016, Saturday at 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM, we, a handful of CTFLC members (Rosalina Idos, Maria Fontimayor, Farah Mendoza, Rizalyn Cruz, Susan Chrismen, Myrna Ablana, Virginia  Ferrer, and Atilio Alicio), attend a workshop on “Effective Presentation and Communication Skills” sponsored by SAILN at San Diego State University Language Acquisition Resource Center. 

We thank CTFLC for recognizing our effort in joining this workshop by shouldering our registration fee.

First, Sheri Barker Ed.D., SMP, an expert strategic planner, group facilitator, and leadership coach, engages us on how to render an effective presentation through collaborative work.  

Then, Dr. Noha Ireiqat, SDSU-LARC Arabic Language Practice Group, Lead Facilitator demonstrates how we could effectively optimize the use of a Power Point Presentation.

Both featured speakers shared strategies and tools, among others, on how to:

  • Shape and organize one’s presentation
  • Face an audience with confidence and control
  • Make one’s performance skills, sense of humor and one’s own personality work
  • Learn about Adult Learning theory, and
  • Design an effective Power Point presentation


After nurturing our brain, we proceed to Casa de Guadalajara to nourish our hungry stomach.  Sumptuous food and jolly company complete the gathering, as joined by Salvador Idos, Ed Fontimayor, and Digno Ablana in celebration of Father’s Day!