The Filipino American Arts and Culture Festival known as “Fil-Am Fest” held its 10th year celebration on Saturday, 4th October in Paradise Valley Road (between Woodman St. and Gilmartin Rd), with the theme: “Halo-Halo: A Mix of All Good Things”. 

The Entertainment Schedule (11:00am – 5:00pm) started with the Opening Ceremony at the Bayanihan Stage: Singing of the Star-Spangled Banner by Nikko Nobleza and Lupang Hinirang by PASACAT Singers. Ms. Jacquilin Magat-Lapid and Mr. Michael Lapid, President and Secretary respectively of FILAMEDA, recognized the contribution of administrators, educators, and community members who supported the Filipino community. Then, Bell Middle School students in Filipino under Ms. Lapid sang the Filipino Alphabet song, followed by presentations and demonstrations by PASACAT, Samahan, Kulintronica, the Tribal Theory; Bibingka Cupcake Decorations, Pancit Eating Contest, as well as Halo-Halo Eating Contest – to the delight of everyone!

The Council for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture (CTFLC) joined once again this Annual Festival, as coordinated and supervised by VP Dolly Balane as assisted by Lita Candelaria, Ram Reyes, Tily Alicio and Alex Balane who patiently set up the booth where students’ projects provided and shared by different schools were showcased.  These projects displayed include different Filipino culture, Filipino Americans who made their mark globally, Philippine historical information and data, famous tourist spots, and CTFLC activities, among others.  Throughout the day, the booth was constantly manned by CTFLC members (thanks everyone) who enjoyed the delicious food prepared and offered by our generous members and the camaraderie of visitors. Brochures and hand-outs were distributed for those who were interested to learn about CTFLC and its language advocacy.

Ms. Julita Biares brought her handy ukuleles. She offered quick lessons on how to play this instrument to interested participants.  Filipino songs such as “Sitsiritsit” and “Bahay Kubo” were the all-time favorite because of their simple chords and lively tune.

At about 3:00 p.m.  Mr. Salvador Idos, a retired high school teacher, managed different Filipino games with the assistance Ms. Sally Idos,  Michael and Jackie Lapid.  Students enjoyed the games such as the garter relay game, passing the egg, tug of war, and sack race, and the Pinoy tumbang preso. The day’s intense heat didn’t dampen the spirit of the participants. Winners received prizes in cash and in kind coming from our generous donors!
MABUHAY and congratulations to the Fil-Am Fest Organizers and maraming salamat sa lahat for another successful celebration! -Farah Mendoza