San Diego Fil-Am Community Survey Project - A Unifying Force

Last April 22, 2016 at Chula Vista High School, Mr. Tony Olaes, Founder of The Filipino School, asked CTFLC (Council  for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture) hand in hand to assist his team to administer the San Diego Filipino-American Community Survey Project, which was  released on May 3, 2016.  The Office of the Philippine Honorary Consul of San Diego Audie de Castro & himself headed this project.  For this to push through, President-Elect Myrna Ablana was designated to steer CTFLC’s participation. 

Mr. Tony Olaes – Founder, The Filipino School; Honorary Consul Audie De Castro Mr. Tony Olaes – Founder, The Filipino School; Honorary Consul Audie De Castro

Mr. Olaes explained that this Community Survey aims to unify the Filipino-American in San Diego Area.  This would bring people into the community together in one portal and would pave way towards connecting with other counties and countries particularly Philippines.  In Consul De Castro’s letter, he stated, “I believe we can be a stronger community if we were better connected to each other.  We will better retain our Filipino heritage.  We will learn more from each other.  We will collaborate more. We can succeed more in school, careers, business, leadership, health, and other areas.”  This survey would assess the needs; as a result, they would  provide services needed by the Filipino-American community.  

Finally, Mr. Olaes pointed out that information would be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect.  Additionally, data would not be used for direct marketing or non-research activities.  For security purposes, data would be stored at The Filipino School. 

Last May 3, 2016, CTFLC Pres.-Elect Ablana launched the initial Fil-Am Survey focusing on students.  CTFLC teachers handed a letter and instructions to their students; then, they gave these documents to four adults aged 18 and above who completed the survey. As of May 28, 2016, Mrs. Grace Almazar, Olympian High School Filipino teacher, bagged over 146  respondents, and followed by Jacquilin Magat-Lapid, Bell Middle School Teacher, with 143 respondents. 

CTFLC - Council for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture

The next batch (date to be announced) for the Fil-Am Survey will focus on the community’s participation.  So do not forget to complete this survey for the improvement and unity of our community.  Visit the following link to participate in the survey:

Mabuhay! Fil-American community in San Diego.