Filipino Culture featured in “Disney’s Christmas Advent 2020”

Recently, Disney released an animated video “Disney’s Christmas Advent 2020” that showcased Filipino culture. This was posted in Youtube and had been shared in many social media apps.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, it is just fitting to show this inspiring video to students as a springboard to teaching Filipino culture. Showing this video to students brought a sense of pride especially for the Filipino-American students. They instantly felt a sense of connection because of the familiar Filipino culture. They certainly recognized the “Parol”, which is a lantern made of bamboo slicks and colorful Japanese papers. Also, they recognized the “Pagmamano” where the little girl puts her father’s hand on her forehead as a sign of respect. Indeed, they really understood the importance of family and respect for the elderly.

Teachers will be able to use this medium to introduce product, perspective, and practices for Filipino Christmas.

Here’s the video from PinoyLifestyle Youtube. Enjoy. Maligayang Pasko sa lahat!