Google Slide as Worksheets

Usually we use Google Slides as a means to present our ideas or information.  However, because of distance learning, I found it useful as a worksheet.  Since I am not an avid fan of Pear Deck and Nearpod, I still want my lessons to be interactive.  I can insert live links such as video and audio files.  Furthermore, inserting and arranging images are more flexible for both teachers and students. For listening skills, I can insert an audio file for students so they can hear the proper pronunciation and intonation in the target language. I could also include manipulative activities such as fill in the blanks, word sorts, and matching types.  In addition, graphic organizers are easy to complete because students can just add a text box without ruining the format.


Here are some examples of the slides I created: 

  1. Matching Type

  1. Fill in the Blanks or Cloze Test

  1. Pictures and Captions

  1. Inserting Live Video

  1. Text with reading comprehension questions and images

  1. Inserting an audio file for students to listen while reading along.


Furthermore, students are able to insert videos and audios for their speaking skills. They can also insert pictures and write captions or stories. There are endless possibilities for them to do.


Unlike Pear Decks and Nearpods, students can still complete the activities without the teacher's direct instructions.  Yes, it is inevitable that problems may arise such as internet connections, being sick, etc. which prevent them from participating in a synchronous session.  With this Google Slides Worksheets, students who are absent can still have the experience of an interactive lesson.


On the other spectrum, I find word documents or Microsoft boring because I have only links. Also, it is too rigid because I cannot move images and text freely where I want them to be.


Let’s go. Let’s use Google slide as worksheets.