Cruz Assumed CTFLC Presidency 2021-2023

CTFLC Officers and Board of Directors (2021-2023) June 13, 2021 |Gng. Mendoza Last December 13, 2020 a new set of Officers were elected and inaugurated via virtual meeting. Here are the CTFLC 2021-2023 Officers and Board of Directors headed by President Rizalyn Cruz.   President:  Gng. Rizalyn M. Cruz


An Invitation to CTFLC 19 Anniversary Celebration - Livestream 2020

An Invitation: CTFLC 19 Anniversary Celebration Voice of the FIL-AM Youth Presents: A Tribute to CTFLC 19 Years of Molding and Empowering the Filipino and American Youth.  Check us out in a Livestream through VOTFAY's (Voices of the FIL-AM Youth) Facebook and Youtube.   Link:


Fontimayor Assumes CTFLC Presidency 2018-2020

Last December 9, 2018, a new set of CTFLC P were elected and they were immediately sworn into office by Dr. Matriano.   CTFLC Officers 2019-2021 President: Mrs. Maria R.  Fontimayor President-Elect: Mrs. Rizalyn M.  Cruz Secretary: Ms. Analyn R.  Thomson Treasurer: Mrs. Grace F. Almazar PRO: Mrs. Farah Divah E. Mendoza Board Members: Dr. Atilio V. Alicio  Mrs. Dolores O. Balane Ms. Carole I. Caparros Mr. Salvador S. Idos Dr. Ofelia C. Rayos Immediate Past President:


CTFLC Attended CLTA Annual Conference

CTFLC Attended CLTA Annual Conference March 2019/ Maria Fontimayor


Ablana Assumed CTFLC Presidency 2016-2018

Last December 10, 2016, Mrs. Myrna P. Ablana, Challenger MIddle School Teacher of the Year 2012,  assumed CTFLC presidency for 2017-2019   After the election, the newly-elected officers were immediately sworn into office by Dr. Estela C. Matriano.   2016-2018 CTFLC Officers: President: Mrs. Myrna Ablana - Challenger Middle School President-Elect: Mrs. Maria R. Fontimayor - NSWF Language Program Secretary: Mrs. Salvacion O. De Vera - Montgomery High School Treasurer: Ms. Carole I. Caparros - Alliant International University PRO: Mr. Rey V. Idos - Eastlake Middle & High School   Board of Directors: Dr. Atilio V. Alicio - UCSD & SDSU


Launching of the Filipino School

On Saturday April 26, 2015, The Filipino School had its grand opening at 1:00-3:00 PM and Open House from 4:00-6:00 PM. It opened its portal to the community inviting everybody who is interested in learning more about the Filipino history, culture and language. This Filipino School “takes students on a journey-starting from their current level of knowledge, and building upon that base level of understanding and self-awareness of being a Filipino.” Its main purpose is for the participant to understand his/her own roots in order to find self-identity. They will understand history, embody Filipino values, and communicate in Filipino. Eventually, each one will find self in this journey.



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