Workshop: "How to Become a Filipino Language Teacher in California"

HOW TO BECOME A FILIPINO LANGUAGE TEACHER OF CALIFORNIA."  CTFLC will offer a workshop on how to be a credentialed teacher in the state of California.  This a virtual workshop via zoom video conferencing organized by the CTFLC Outreach and Advocacy Committee. The anticipated Attendees are the following: 1. Credentialed California Teachers (but not in Filipino language teaching) 2. Non-credentialed teachers  ( US and immigrants teacher education graduates) 3. Bachelor’s degree graduates other than Teaching course ( US  citizens and immigrants) Date: December 5th, Saturday (USA)/December 6th, Sunday(PI) Time & Duration: 4:00 to 6:00pm PST/ 8:00 to 10:00am PI (two hours) Registration Link: 


An Invitation to CTFLC 19 Anniversary Celebration - Livestream 2020

An Invitation: CTFLC 19 Anniversary Celebration Voice of the FIL-AM Youth Presents: A Tribute to CTFLC 19 Years of Molding and Empowering the Filipino and American Youth.  Check us out in a Livestream through VOTFAY's (Voices of the FIL-AM Youth) Facebook and Youtube.   Link:


CTFLC and Dr. Ramon "Montet" G. Acoymo's Concert

CTFLC and Dr. Ramon “Montet” G. Acoymo’s Concert   Last Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 2:00 PM, CTFLC presented Dr. Ramon “Montet” Acoymo’s Concert at Anchors Catering & Conference Center, San Diego.  The concert was entitled “The Language of Music, The Music of Language”. This was a community outreach activity celebrating the poetry and music of the Philippines.  


Otay Ranch High School 5th Annual Culture Night

Otay Ranch High School 5th Annual Culture Night By Danica Nocomora of Class of 2019 Pangkat Sayaw, Otay Ranch High School  


Mira Mesa High School Filipino American Culture Night 2019

Mira Mesa High School Filipino American Culture Night 2019 By: Jasminh Nguyen, Isabelle Pineda, Aeriel Suarez   The heroic Jose Rizal once said, “Know History, Know Self. No History, No Self.”  This quote echoed within the minds of many students at Mira Mesa High School.  Last Thursday on April 25, 2019, Mira Mesa High’s FilAm Club hosted their second annual Filipino Culture Night. This year’s theme was entitled: “Riding the Waves: Who We Are and How We Got Here,” which told a heartfelt story of Filipino immigration to the United States. Although many of us are still exploring our  Filipino identities, Filipinos have been a part of San Diego history for over hundreds of years and the students wanted to share it.