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California Language Teachers Association (CLTA) Honors Two Teachers in Filipino

In its annual statewide conference held Feb. 25-27,2022, the California Language Teachers Association (CLTA) honors two Filipino Teachers with OUTSTANDING TEACHER Award.  Both are from San Diego, both are immigrant teachers and both are members of the Council for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture (CLTA) based in San Diego. The award is a recognition of their excellence in teaching the language and their dedication and commitment to their students.  


“Dalawang Baybayin/Two Shores”, a Virtual intercultural Exchange Program a Success!

The Council for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture (CTFLC) and San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) held its virtual Closing Program for the Dalawang Baybayin/Two Shores, a Virtual Intercultural Exchange Program this year on May 20 & 21, 2022, both San Diego and Philippines via Zoom.


Rizal Day December 30, 2021

Come and join 125th Commemoration of Rizal Day on December 30, 2021 at 8:00-10:00 A.m  


FIL 7-8 Honors offered at Otay Ranch High School and Sweetwater High

June 17, 2021     |Gng. Mendoza   MAY 2021, Ms. Mary Rose Peralta, Otay Ranch Principal, broke the news to the Council for Teaching Filipino Language and Culture (CTFLC) that  UC San Diego approved the FIL 7-8 Honors. Ms. Peralta advocated to have FILIPINO 7-8 Honors in her school  and pushed CTFLC to work on the course description, which was submitted to UC San Diego by Ms.Troy Mason, APEX District Coordinator in the Curriculum and Instruction at Sweetwater Union High School District.   CTFLC Curriculum Committee headed by Gng. Mendoza with the cooperation of CTFLC educators worked and formulated the course description before and during summer break.  Most of the discussion and brainstorming of ideas were done virtually.


CTFLC Despedida Party for Ms. Carole Caparros and Dr. Ofelia Rayos

June 23, 2021 |Gng. Mendoza   June 17, 2021, Thursday, CTFLC bid adieu to Ms. Carole Caparros and Dr. Ofelia Rayos who are going back to stay in the Philippines for good.   As part of our Filipino tradition when somebody leaves or departs, we always send them good vibes. Hence, a reason to have food and party. CTFLC members gathered at Seaside Buffet, Miramar, San Diego.   Gng. Maria Fontimayor mentioned in her FB post “ We will both miss you but you will always be with us as we have other gatherings like this.  May God bless you on your trip back to the Philippines, and may you reach home safely. We will see you again soon. Bon Voyage.”